About Team Wave Surfing
Non-Profit Organization

​​As the Team Wave Surfing  governing body,
Team Wave Surfing Organization provides National leadership, order, and infrastructure to increase the sport of Team Wave Surfing's continued reach and make the experience of cohesive team play pathway to surfing success for up and coming surfers.
Team Wave Surfing Org, a non-profit organization created to support the promotion, infrastructure and provide assistance in the creation of Youth Supported Sports leagues that play TEAM WAVE SURFING as a COHESIVE TEAM PLAY sport. The hopes is to offer

(1) Tournaments
(2) Team Support
(3) Scholarships and incentives

for players and leagues and to one day turn TEAM WAVE SURFING into an international sport.
How It All Started
It began as a conversation with three parents who wanted their kids to surf, and realized that unlike football, soccer and lacrosse, surfing wasn't played in the format of a traditional team. They realized the potential in creating a way to bring suring and team dynamics together.

Team Wave Surfing hopes to change the face of traditional surfing from a one person centered sport, to a team based, team building, sport of unity.

To cohesively join youth interest in the sport of surfing overall while creating a new cutting edge, suspenseful, high energy and exciting team sport to be played all over the world.

Seasoned surfers of all ages can enjoy the game, bring a new level of comradery and fun to their day of surfing.

Youth that may not have been interested in the sport as a solo competitor can now enjoy the sport as a part of the team regardless of their skill level.
Team Wave Surfing isn’t about being the one best surfer, it’s about being a great team.

Team Wave Surfing is a non-profit organization formed to support the NEW SPORT of COHESIVE TEAM PLAY in surfing. The creation of the rule book and beta play of the game will spearhead a new movement of group play on the waves.​​