six surfers, two teams, one wave


Team   work​


Playing as a team makes surfing more fun for kids and teens

A surfing sport that involves TEAMS of 3 players in 4 quarters that work together to obtain the highest points possible while RIDING THE WAVE TOGETHER and WORKING TOGETHER to strategize for the high score.

To find out more about TEAM WAVE SURFING and how TEAM WAVE SURFING Non-Profit organization can help you start a team.

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TEAM PLAY! SIX on ONE WAVE, with TWO TEAMS, positions and judging. FIND OUT HOW!

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  1. Six Surfers Per Team
    3 members of each team play the wave at the same time.
  2. One Referee
    Best to have two, but at least one
  3. Judging
    A panel of Judges to determine points.
  4. Score Keepers
    Tally Scores
  5. Lifeguard
    To keep players safe
  6. Time Keepers
    They keep time and signal game play and start

Team Wave Surfing Non-Profit, spreading the word about new sporting edge to Surfing, from SOLO to TEAM PLAY!

  1. The Idea
    Three parents wanted their Surf enthused kids to have the same fun they had playing team sports like football, lacrosse and soccer. Then figured, it would be a great idea to bring team dynamics to surfing.
  2. The Rules
    The creation of Team Wave Surfing, cohesive team play sports, rule book is in draft form. It will be acessible via this website for download and play. Please feel free to send questions and suggestions to us via our contact page.
  3. The Players
    Team Wave Surfing is for all types of players at various stages. Each player has a significant role in the game play 3 players at a time on playing field (the wave) from each team will utilize that one big wave to show team work and gain winning points.
  4. The mission
    The mission of Team Wave Surfing Non-Profit is to create a team sport in surfing that allows kids to learn to work together, enjoy surfing, and be able to do it with new friends of all levels of play. Making surfing about team play as well to compliment the Solo surfer sport.
Team Wave Surfing 'Six surfers One Wave' Creators
  1. Frank Preston
    Co-Creator of Team Wave Surfing. Sports coach for various team sports and advocate for changing surfing from SOLO to a team based cohesive sports play for kids and teens. Developer and collaborator of Team Wave Surfing as a collaborative Sport.
  2. Frank R. Preston
    Co-Creator and avid athlete. Sports coach for various teams and Lacrosse and Football player in the High School and College divisions. Developer of finalized concept of Team Wave Surfing.
  3. Lanita Preston
    Co-Creator, educator, author, and visionary who helped develop the idea of turning Solo surfing into a team based cohesive sport.
  4. Steve Cassel
    Co-created the game of team wave surfing with an extensive background in surfing.
  5. Nyia Preston
    Co-author of Rules Book and content editor.